Hadamar Memorial

memorial to the victims of the Nazi-"euthanasia"-crimes

Nazi-„Euthanasia"-Crime 1939 - 1945

Between 1939 und 1945 some 200 000 people from Germany fell victim to the Nazi-„euthanasia"-crime. These people were psychically ill, mentally deranged, suffering from tuberculosis or were so called „jüdische Mischlingskinder" (jewish half-breed children), educated in remand homes. They all had in common that they didn't match the nationalsocialist image of the „sound and strong Aryan" who should succeed in the „struggle for existence".

After the „Machtübernahme" (seizure of power) in 1933, the Nationalsocialists converted the public health service according to their racial ideas of „Rassenhygiene" (racial hygiene): so called „Erbgesunde" (the genetically sound) were promoted, while the diseased, disabled and „Gemeinschaftsfremde" (the socially alien) suffered neglect and discrimination. People living in asylums, mental and remand homes were considered an economic burden an official diction labeled them as „inferior", „ballast beings", and „lives not worth living".
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