International Place of Remembrance

Hadamar Memorial Museum commemorates those persecuted in the course of the Nazi “euthanasia” crimes. Between 1941 and 1945, nearly 15,000 people were murdered in what was the Hadamar killing centre at the time. Those who were murdered included mentally ill and disabled persons. They ranged from old to young; men, women and children.

They were brought to the centre from all across Germany as well as from many European countries. As a “euthanasia” memorial museum in Hesse, we fulfil a social responsibility. We are an international place of remembrance, a place dedicated to extracurricular as well as historical and political education and research.

We therefore warmly invite you to visit the historical site, but also to take advantage of our digital services. Together, let us remember those who were murdered and learn lessons from the past for the present and the future.

Ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "Gedenkstätte Hadamar". Im Hintergrund ein großes gelbliches Gebäude - die Gedenkstätte.

General information

A brief summary of our opening hours, directions and accessibility.
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Eine Gruppe von 4 Personen vor einer hölzernen Wand mit Karten und einem historischem Dokument. Eine Person zeigt auf das historische Dokument.

Services for groups

An overview of our educational work.
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Eine Ausstellungstafel im Freien mit dem Titel "Die Mordanstalt Hadamar (1941-1945). Im Hintergrund eine hölzerne Garage.


Information on the history of the site: from being built as a correctional institution to being used as a killing centre in the context of the Nazi “euthanasia” crimes to the present-day Memorial Museum.
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LWV Hessen

LWV Hessen

The Memorial Museum is an institutional body of the Public Welfare Association of the German Federal State of Hesse (Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen, LWV).

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