Hadamar Memorial Museum has a non-lending reference library. Here you will find approximately 5,000 volumes on the topics of National Socialism, “euthanasia” and medical history, but also on educational issues, current political and social issues, as well as on other memorials and places of remembrance, for example in the form of annual reports. In addition, the library includes a number of periodicals and series. The library of the Memorial Museum also includes a section with historical books, that is, books that were published before 1945 and can now be used as sources.

The library is constantly being expanded so that academic work can be carried out according to the latest state of research. The library can be accessed on-site during the regular opening hours of the Memorial Museum.

A bookshelf containing books on the history of National Socialism. A person is taking a book out of the shelf.
Library of Hadamar Memorial Museum. Photo: Hadamar Memorial Museum/Tanja Wesel