The branch office of the archives of the Public Welfare Association of the German Federal State of Hesse (Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen, LWV) is located at Hadamar Memorial Museum. Over 7,000 patient records of the former Hadamar State Sanatorium (Landesheilanstalt Hadamar) are kept here, in addition to several administrative and personnel records. The LWV archive articles as well as the Hessian Archive Act provide the framework for the activities of the archives. Generally, any person or institution may use the archives for official, academic or legitimate personal purposes.

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On the right side of the photo is a shelf containing many identical grey cardboard boxes. On the left side of the photo is the same type of shelf, but out of focus because the camera is obviously in motion.
Archive of Hadamar Memorial Museum. Photo: Hadamar Memorial Museum/Tanja Wesel


Hadamar Memorial Museum is home to a collection of various three-dimensional objects, mainly from the 1990s and 2000s, and in some cases from the period before 1945. They are thus a reflection of the reception history of the Memorial Museum and the Centre for Social Psychiatry (Zentrum für Soziale Psychiatrie) in Hadamar. The collection also includes an extensive photo collection as well as an area where sources and audiovisuals are collected. The source collection includes original documents that are not archive material, such as documents of persons murdered in Hadamar that were given to the Memorial Museum by relatives (letters, birth certificates, etc.). The audiovisual collection includes interviews with contemporary witnesses.

The collection is generally accessible, but an appointment must be made in advance.

A cardboard box full of black and white photos that are glued to grey cardboard and bear an inscription.
Collection of Hadamar Memorial Museum. Photo: Hadamar Memorial Museum/Tanja Wesel


The documentation of the Memorial Museum consists of copies and fragments of information from other archives and institutions as well as extensive historical records. All documents may be used as work tools, particularly by researchers. The rights lie with the specified institutions where the originals are kept. The respective institution must be consulted in individual cases.

A shelf containing many ring binders in a row. Only one of them is in focus and legible. Translated, the label on the the ring binder reads "Secondary book of death records - Hadamar registry office - 1944 Volume 2"
Documentation of Hadamar Memorial Museum. Photo: Hadamar Memorial Museum/Tanja Wesel


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