Tours, workshops, seminar days

We at Hadamar Memorial Museum offer guided tours, seminar days and other educational services to groups of all kinds. Whether it is in the context of school classes, nursing colleges, universities or other groups, we invite you to get to know the Memorial Museum by means of a guided tour, a workshop or a seminar day.

If you are interested in a workshop or seminar day please contact us so that we can make arrangements accordingly. Send us an email to or give us a call at +49 6433 9184501.

Guided tours (approx. 90 minutes, all groups)

During this roughly 90-minute tour, our trained guides provide participants with an overview of the history of the Hadamar State Sanitarium (Landesheilanstalt Hadamar) during National Socialism.

  • Educational content: Nazi “euthanasia” crimes, “T4” programme, “decentralised euthanasia”
  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes
  • Intended audience: all interested groups (school classes starting at 9th grade)
  • Prerequisites: basic knowledge of National Socialism
  • Fee: €70

Digital live tour (approx. 90 minutes, via video conferencing, for all groups)

Our 90-minute tour allows you to visit Hadamar Memorial Museum virtually by means of video conferencing.

This approximately one-hour walk takes you through the Memorial Museum and provides an overview of the history of the Hadamar killing centre. The tour is transmitted live via smartphone while guides communicate directly with the group from the Memorial Museum. Questions can be asked and answered at any time.

In addition, the subsequent discussion round offers participants the opportunity to settle more in-depth questions and to voice their impressions.

  • Technical requirements: ability to participate in a video conference via WebEx Meetings (compliant with GDPR)
  • We recommend that each participant uses an individual terminal (max. 30 participants). If the digital tour is to be transmitted to a central terminal (e.g. to a beamer in the classroom), it may be possible for more than one group to participate simultaneously.
  • Prerequisites: we recommend participation from the 10th grade and up. Basic knowledge of National Socialism and intensive preparation and follow-up work with regard to the digital classroom tour are essential.
  • Fee: €70